Point no Point – that’s my point

Just had 24 hours of decompression at Point No Point resort, about 30 minutes West of Sooke on Highway 14.

I have been thinking about PnP as an alternative to Tofino for some time now. It represents a neat opportunity to leave work at 4:40PM on a friday and be at the resort restaurant by 6 and in the cabin by 7:30PM.

Being a cautious kind of guy, it has taken me years to get around to checking out this alternative.

I actually did a poll at my workplace, on the department off-topic listserv. I was looking for the ultimate get-away in a certain search criterium within a certain distance from Victoria.

The overwhelming opinion was this: Point no Point Resort won hands down as the quickie get-away that is within a light-year of Victoria.

You have to like that.

I was cautiously optomistic and, as it turned out, PnP resort was way beyond my expectations.

I was worried about it being to rustic. Rustic is was not.
Granted, there is no CELL phone service. No TV. No Phones. No microwave ovens. (I brought my own radio gear… that is another story!)

Long story short (I will upload some photos when I develop them from my 1965 Rolleiflex!) – this was a 5-star experience on 3-star prices. The onsite (and modest restaurant) was 3-star with a 5-star view. Seriously, the food was way better than I expected.

The cabin(s) was(are) spotless and (obviously) recently updated.

Bed: very cosy.
Outdoor jacuzzi on private patio: Delighful!
View: To die for.

Where else can you sit in a hot tub under the stars and sleep in a wonderful cedar cabin under the trees, by the Pacific Ocean, for < 200 dollars a day?

Check it out.