Great coffee – start from the top…

A man of coffee must have a hatSynesso, Aeropress, Clover, Baratza Virtuoso, Cup-of-Excellence, Panama hat…


The last six monthes have been a wake-up call for me. There has been an endless stream of things to get a handle on and a mouthful of words and terms to file away with suitable explanations.

All the while, we have been thinking about branding our website some, if only for fun.

Ok. Well, ball-cap? T-Shirt? Coffee-mug?
What would people want, if they wanted a piece of our online thing?

How about a hat? Something with style?
A Panama hat.

Haven’t you always wanted a Panama Hat?

Truth be told – my hair is not getting thicker as I get older.
And the ozone layer is not getting thicker either.
Seems I burn way quicker.

And if I ever want to spend a day or a week picking coffee, I will need some protection.
Well here it is.