Sitting at Bubby Rose’s Bakery…

Great buns! Only at Bubby Rose's Bakery VictoriaCould be as close to heaven as possible.

Sitting at Bubby Rose’s Bakery, on the sidewalk.

With a mug of Sam Jone’s Discovery Coffee Yirghacheffe.

And one of Mark Engel’s fabulous Cinnamon Buns.

This is not one of your run-of-the-mill sticky buns folks.
This is a Mark Engels tour-de-force.

This baby contains real butter, flour, milk, cinnamon, more butter and some secret ingredients.

Imagine that with a great cup of coffee… on the avenue in historic Cook Street Village, Victoria.

Pretty girls walk by. Some with their dogs. Some with their pretty boyfriends. Ah. Cook Street village.

This is living!