Welcome to Colin’s Coffee Orphanage

Khan the Coffee PlantWas walking through Victoria’s historic General Store Capital Iron and Steel.

Yea, it is an odd name for a family owned business that has been around for, I dunno, about 100 years.

Probably wrong about that.

I digress.

They have a pretty good garden centre.
Someone told me that there we coffee plants there.

I found one (with the help of a wonderful gardener-lady-staffer).

I think I got the last one. Neglected? You betcha.
No offense to the staff at Capital Iron & Steel but you cannot know the ins and outs of every single tropical plant. Or can you?

Anyway – this is day one of the adoption of Khan the new coffee plant in the coffeecrew.com orphanage.

My other coffee plant, Juan de Fuca was 4’ high but sadly neglected by Reg James (of EspressoTec) – he forced me to take it.
Glad I did.
I stumped it down to about 12” in height. After 3 monthes or so, it is now 17” in height.
Khan is 7” in height.

Anyho. Stay tuned for updated in the coffee plant.
A big hello to our 7 readers of the coffeecrew blog! Okay, so I get about 10,000 hits a month on this blog. I am sure most of those are mistaken hits. Apologies all around!