On a day like today…

For the Girl (Guy) who has everything...Okay folks (Canadian folks that is), the Conservatives (read – ReFoRm!!!) have taken power.

Well, sort of.

They got a minority and a small minority at that.

For our American friends just joining us – We had a Federal election yesterday. The Liberals (your Democrats) were booted out and the Conservatives (your Bush-Republicans) got in, albeit with a sqeaky victory.

Hardly worth celebrating you say? Guess again.

With a Conservative minority victory as opposed to a Conservative majority, there are a bunch of things I can scratch off of my to-do/to-prepare-for list. Hmmmm, let’s see:

*build bomb shelter —Canada’s resistance to the weaponization of space unlikely to change anytime soon.
*trade in Honda Civic for armoured HumVee —too old to get sent to Iraq anyway.
*encourage wife to wear more modest attire – “honey, you look fabulous in those pettipants!”
*buy Brook’s Brothers suit… or coveralls

Hey. I have seen fake-fur on people. Fake-fur on dogs (real fur underneath the fake fur, ah, I guess) – but Fur on a coffee cup? Come on! Get outta here! What’s next:
*leather vest on a sirloin-tip?
*blue jeans on a hot dog?

Enough! Seriously though, 3 ladies have come up with a great idea. Read all about it on www.cupcouture.com

“Cup Couture is a Seattle based women owned company. It’s a story of 3 women with a love for coffee and a passion for fashion who dreamed of combining the coffee drinking culture of Seattle with the runway styles of New York. Whether you drink lattes, chai spice or Earl Grey, stylize for your fix with a personality twist. Cup Couture brings designer fashion to your beverage drinking pleasure.”