A diner for all time…

For all the praise heaped upon superlative gourmet coffee and, begging your pardon if I offend, slow-food in the 21 century, there are too few words spoken singing the praises of the grease n’ grill.

A significant portion of my best years (today and in the past) have been spent in diners like John’s Place on Pandora Avenue in Victoria, B.C. Canada.

I recall crossing their syrupy-sweet threshold way back in 1985 for the first time; Pancakes, sausages, bacon, scrambled eggs and black coffee. Oddly, 20 years later and (damn, I confess) 100 visits under my belt, I have the blood pressure of a 19 year old girl.

20 years ago I was a bright eyed, pre-internet, kind of guy frightened of the future. Ah, the uncertainty of being in your mid-twenties and wondering what the future would bring. Nothing takes your mind off of your worries faster than a fluffy waffle with cream cheese and maple syrup.

So, here we are in 2005. Two decades ago I sat in John’s Place with a table full of young friends, some of whom I still call friends today. Looking around, today, I see other young people (and older people) enjoying the solidarity of good food and friendship.

I really believe places like this keep us young, at least at heart. So the next time you are sitting down to your yoghurt, organic berries and 12-grain dry toast, fight back, say no… and find your diner.