The Elysian room – does it get any better?

Elysian room with Dave – who says there are no surprizes any more?
Coffeecrew youngster, Dave Reimer, and I went to the Elysian Room (1778 W.5th) today for our first visit.
Elysian Room VancouverA couple of things: One- This place is smaller and significantly less formal than I was lead to believe. This was a relief to me. The way vancouverites describe this place (holy shrine with lasers and purple smoke emanating from some mysterious caffeine powered sepulchre) was way off.
It is small and friendly, warm and intimate in the way I remember the original Demitasse Cafe in Victoria from the eighties. Two- The coffee and food was better than I expected (and I have insane expectations).
I took some pictures with permission from the baristi (and they will appear shortly). The staff are among the most professional that I have met, answering one or two of my obviously pointed questions without flinching. Espresso coffee is from the Hines Market, Seattle.

Here, in Vancouver, at the Elysian Room, it is painstakingly and professionally prepared by a barista whose full attention is on the process and the experience. Don’t get me wrong folks, Cafe Artigiano is fabulous and all but the experience you have at the E-Room is precise and complete.