The Black Stilt Cafe – Victoria

CoffeeCrew poster-gal April visits the Black Stilt, Victoria’s new cafe. –

“Have you reviewed the Black Stilt yet? I think you should write up a good review for them on your web site. It’s a welcome addition to the options in my neighbourhood.

The coffee is great. So far I’ve enjoyed the regular dark roast drip,
and Americano and this morning I went for a latte and was happily impressed. I won’t pretend I know enough about coffee to actually write a review for you, but I can assure you that I personally found the coffee to be better than what I’ve had at some of my other haunts. I did ask what beans they were using, but since that was several hours ago and me being of little brain, I’ve already forgotten.

The place was hopping this morning with most of the seating filled and often a small line-up at the counter. Despite all the people, the acoustics are such that I didn’t need to shout to be heard above everyone else. It’s clean, spacious and yet, still cozy.

There are various seating choices. There’s the usual table and chairs for 2 – 4 people and window counter with stools. They also provide several comfortable cushiony chairs off to one side, a couple of sofas on the other side and an inviting gas fireplace (I say inviting mostly because it was chilly and rainy this morning) with cushioned seating on either side.

If you haven’t been yet, Friday night might be a good time to check it out. Your good pal Charlie Burton will the playing there. It looks like they will be hosting various musical talents on a regular basis.”
-April F. is a delightfully red-headed young lady who tests our coffee during the work week. So far, she has had made no complaints.

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