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Frausters at work in B.C. Budget Rent-A-Car · 20.11.12 by colin newell

Budget Rent a Car I curse youI think it’s odd with Budget Rent-a-car being in the news lately… allegedly scamming victim after victim to the tunes of tens of thousands of dollars — with nothing happening… no police investigation or law suits… that any one person could walk into a Budget Rent-a-car (and I am NOT advocating that anyone try this…) and say: “Give me $1000 right now and I will not ‘punish’ you…” Again: Do not try this… ever!

I am pretty sure the person would be tracked down and thrown in jail for 5 years or more – for theft, attempted theft, behavior contrary to public order etc…
Which I get. You would not do this in a bank or a Starbucks… and I believe that theft is theft.

Or (and I am not suggesting this…) if someone were to stand outside a Budget rent-a-car and bounce the occasional crab apple off of their windows –

I am pretty sure this person would be incarcerated and given a psych evaluation.

So. What is so upsetting about this, is that hundreds, if not thousands of British Columbian residents may have been victimized and scammed by a small assortment of rental car places in B.C. – and nothing happens to them – the excuse being tossed around: “Car rental companies are not regulated in British Columbia…”

Say what? I think criminal behavior is regulated in B.C. — I know it is for me and you… So why not Rental Car agencies? Word on the street this is more widespread in Canada.
From my personal experience: I have been renting from the same Rent a Car agency since the mid-eighties (AVIS rent a car) and I have nothing but gushing praise for them, hundreds of rentals and nary a blip — so, the bottom line is, these companies are capable of great service…. but somewhere along the way, some companies lose their moral compass – and I am not sure why.

Some more stories on this issue from the good folks at the CBCBudget employees reveal
BC Budget Rent a Car repair scams

Bottom line avoid Budget Rent a Car in B.C. until this issue is sorted out…
and PLEASE, do not hassle the hard working staff at Budget Rent a car and do NOT throw apples… and if you have been scammed, make sure you harass the crap out of your credit card company and be firm with your car agency – Some tips upon rental include – do a walk around with the rental agent and take lots of pictures with your iPhone – and be prepared to contest any fishy charges.

  1. I had this happen to me a few years ago Colin, but it was National. They said there was a scratch in the car that wasn’t there before, I stood my ground and said to the heck with that it wasn’t, and I’m not paying, they gave me the run around and made me wait while they looked in their records, oh well, low and behold look at this, oh would you imagine that, the scratch was there before. Man was I pissed off, never rent from them ever again.

    William    Nov 20, 03:46 pm    #
  2. I think it is still better do a background check on the rental companies first. Even those companies that offer new vans should be screened thoroughly.

    Thank you for your comments - sorry, NO link placement and advertising please... -- editor
    Mac Smith    Jun 18, 07:01 pm    #
  3. I don’t know what happened with Budget in BC, but I do know that car rental places have a pretty bad rap for some things….

    Thank you for your comments - link to your car business deleted...
    Regina    Oct 15, 08:15 am    #

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