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Spring into taser fun - excited delirium and other mythical disorders · 16.05.09 by colin newell

When the only tool in your handbag is a wrench, you keep your eyes out for the nuts…

And to explain nutty behavior and unexpected death in taser use, owners of Taser International do what comes naturally – make up a cause of death that does nothing to implicate the energy weapon itself.

Our own RCMP, Canada’s once beloved law enforcement agency, are now “brainwashed” by the manufacturer to justify “ridiculously inappropriate” use of the electronic weapon; zap first, autopsy later.

The makers of the Taser appear to be instructing police in Canada that when they encounter a person suffering from a “mythical” condition that Taser calls “excited delirium,” police have few options other than jolting the person with the controversial electrical weapon.

I guess that this is the upside to using a more typical explosive discharge weapon like the 9MM Glock… which often results in instant death and unexpected gaping wound syndrome.

Excited delirium is not a recognized medical diagnosis. It is a “dubious disorder” created by Taser International and its training Canadian and American police to legitimize it.

The term is also used by the Institute for the Prevention of In-custody Deaths, surprisingly lead by John Peters, an associate of Taser International of Arizona.

John is the go-to guy if you need a professional witness to defend your cop shop against accidental death by over-joltage charges.

Gives extra meaning to the expression… guilty as charged!

Dunno. If some copper is sitting on my head (or neck) after zipping me 4 times with an energy weapon, I am either going to be dead, nearly dead or suffering from entirely pissed off syndrome.

Anyway. What we do know now is that the reputation of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police is at an all time low… and unless we can bring some of their victims back from the dead… or undo some of their lies, there is little hope that things are going to improve in the short term.

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