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Fall fun food and follies in Victoria B.C. 2010 chapter 2 · 11.10.10 by colin newell

Habit Coffee and Culture Number Two Yates Street Atrium

For starters, I have twitter to blame for a dearth of activity around here. Damn you, you insatiable Sea Gull with a bottomless appetite for my most trivial thoughts! Never pleased with the amount of witty wrist shots I tap out! Well, I am done! Almost…

Big news in the Victoria area is the gradual opening of the Atrium Complex at the corners of Douglas, Yates and Johnson with Zambri’s taking the lead, followed by A.J.‘s Organic Cafe, PIG BBQ Joint and (for me) the most hotly anticipated coffee event in the last year…

The opening of HABIT COFFEE AND CULTURE # 2.

The Atrium, designed and built by the imaginative Jawl Properties, has fundamentally changed the game downtown – and folks, this is not the latest tourist trap area. This new infusion caters to the neighborhood – and what a splash folks! What a splash.

Andrea and I popped into the new HABIT and the Atrium after returning from a wonderful cabin get-away to Jordan River (Point no Point cabins) and had our breath taken away. An ebullient Shane Devereaux held court behind one of the brightly colored La Marzocco espresso-cappuccino machines and poured flawless latte art while we chatted for a few seconds.

Shane humbly reminded me that “this” was a collaborative effort when I suggested that his new digs fundamentally shifted the downtown Victoria vibe. And so it is. Peter Zambri (and his crew) and Shane’s collective (and others) have brought some magic to Victoria like nothing I have seen in the last 25+ years. I am excited… big time. And I hope my readers get down there soon.

One of the things (another blog perhaps) that I notice are the number of colleagues at the University (where I work) that claim to have not been downtown in years. This shocks me. The things that makes a city alive, well and healthy are people and healthy commerce. Claiming that there are too many social ills or no parking in our gem of a town is utterly lame. Sure. Go ahead. Do all your business at a corporate Mall or, God forbid… Walmart. But be prepared to pay the price.

Anyway. Rant off.

The Atrium on Yates is utterly spectacular and an incredible architectural wonder. Give it a week or so and come on down. It will be worth it!

  1. Checked it out this morning. Great latte.
    Take a look at the floor when you are in….very cool.

    Richard Wey    Oct 15, 10:04 am    #
  2. I went yesterday for first time, and wow! As a downtown resident, the Atrium is a welcome development. The building’s lobby is breathtaking. And I can’t tell you what relief it is that it’s the Habit, not Starbucks or Serious Coffee, occupying that great street level corner space. The new Zambri’s location looks amazing, and no doubt Chef Peter will really be able to spread his wings and soar here.

    YRS    Oct 16, 11:56 am    #
  3. Checked out Zambris for lunch yesterday..
    One word

    Ricardo    Oct 23, 10:02 am    #

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