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The Conversation series - Part two - Food on the table · 18.05.08 by colin newell

We spoke with Mark Engels of Bubby Roses Bakery photo below about how the price of flour, oil and corn have effected his work environment – here is his report:

Thing is, we are in the middle of double digit inflation action. Why?

Mark Engels Bubby Roses Bakery
Oil futures – note the many gas rants on this site.

Truth is, there is no oil crisis. There is nothing wrong with the Oil supply. Our

Canadian reserves are in as good a shape as they have ever been in the history of fuel and oil exports in Canada.

Some economist in the U.S. speculated (predicted) that oil would be $200 a barrel before 200X. He did not give any reason why – he just said it.
He was making a prediction about the futures value of a barrel of oil.

So oil goes up. And we flirt with alternative fuels like Ethanol and Bio-diesel.
We take corn out of the mouths of the hungry to make fuel for our cars…
Because some econo-twit said that the price of a barrel of oil would top $200 one day.
He was probably running around in circles, waving his hands and wetting himself at the same time.

Not a pretty picture?

Neither is hunger.

  1. this is one of my big rant topics.
    why do we allow gambling with/on the food supply? this is nuts. out of control crazy. this is what people do when the last best crazy goes bust. and the use of corn, wheat, and other staples, (commodities), for containers and fuel is anti- human. happiness will be a 100 mile per gallon car, that costs
    $1000.00 to fill the tank. must
    keep the profit ratio, you know.

    jeanie sepin    May 19, 08:05 pm    #
  2. 3 words:
    Free market system.
    Everything is up for grabs in World trade; oil, water, coffee.
    Commerce before comforts…
    Profit before people…
    Money, money, yea, baby, yea!

    Colin (the editor)    May 20, 06:39 am    #

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